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Top tips to create a cosy home

Autumn is upon us and with winter not far around the corner, the nights start to get darker and the days colder. This is the time when you might want to start thinking about making your home feel more cosy and snug so that you can curl up in the evenings in your big slouchy jumper, sweatpants and slippers and get lost in a good movie. The question is, how do you achieve this look and feel, and how do you do it without having to spend a fortune? Here are my top tips...


Lighting plays such a huge part in any interior scheme, but in my experience it is often overlooked. At this time of year, our lighting is more important than ever with the looming dark nights, but don't forget that it doesn't all have to be purely functional; you can also add softer, accent lighting (light which focuses on a particular area or object), which will help you to set the mood for your space. Think about introducing lamps at different heights to add interest or perhaps you could add a string of fairy lights as the festive season approaches (not that you need an excuse!), like these from Lights4fun. Finally, don't forget outdoor lighting to make your home feel cosier...I love nothing more than festoon lighting in the garden and there's something particularly eye catching about it in the colder, darker months.

Layers upon layers

As well as layering up your clothes, consider layering up your textures at home. Gorgeous chunky knits, throws over sofas and beds, fluffy rugs, soft bed linen and cushions upon cushions (let's face it, you can never have too many!) can all add to that cosy vibe, bringing warmth and texture to your home.

And if you don't want to keep them on show all of the time, invest in an eye-catching storage basket to style them out when you're not using them. But remember, layering doesn't just apply to textures, the sample principle can be applied to colour so add some warmer tones to your room, whether these be warm neutrals or brighter tones such as burnt orange and deep blues. Think of dressing your room in the same way that yourself...your base layers, followed by statement pieces and accessories - think walls, floors, furniture, lighting, and the final finishing touches.

Bring the outdoors in

Many of us living in colder climates aren't able to use our outdoor spaces in the same way as we would during spring and summer, so what better way to enjoy the outside, than bringing it indoors. This might be as simple as a plant in a pot or some beautiful fresh flowers, but if like me your track history isn't very good with this kind of thing, then you may want to opt for faux or dried. Diddibox Dried offer nationwide delivery on their stunning arrangements...just take a look at those colours and textures!

Seasonal updates

Whilst we may not be able to celebrate the seasonal events and changes in our usual manner this year, we can still make an impact in our homes, whether it be a seasonal wreath or garland, a styling arrangement or the addition of artwork or accessories.

For example, you can purchase foam pumpkins online, which you can then paint and decorate to match or contrast with your colour scheme. You can either buy or create your own autumnal or winter wreath to hang at the entrance to your home (or anywhere you fancy for that matter) or add a little seasonal print or picture to reflect the time of year - the options really are endless.


Last but not least, introduce relaxing, cosy or seasonal scents to your home, whether by candles, wax melts, room sprays or plants and flowers. Hints of warm cinnamon, pine cones and pomegranate are amongst my favourites.

I do hope you enjoy making these little changes to your home which will make all the difference over the coming autumn and winter months, to make your home feel cosy and inviting. If you're looking for assistance with the design of your home interior, or if you simply need a little advice, then please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Take care,

Amy x

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