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How to create a home office that works for you

So many of us are now working from home indefinitely. This is the norm for me, but for many it's a very different situation and can take some getting used to. Throw in a partner working from home and one of more children and it can get very interesting. In light of this, I thought it would be a good time to share my top tips for setting up your workspace.

Splurge or save?

If you have a sizeable budget, you may be considering a purpose built garden office or converting an existing space such as a garage as your place of work. However, you don't have to spend a lot of money to create your work space either. You may have a little nook in the corner of an existing room that you can utilise or a room that can be rearranged to include a work station. Shop your own house, move things around and surround yourself with things that either motivate you and/or make you happy. Pop a plant on your desk to improve air circulation and to bring a little bit of the outdoors in.

Make the most of natural light

Try to position your workspace in front of a window. Whilst we may not always have wonderful weather, being able to view the outside world positively impacts on our mood and energy levels and thus helps us to feel less stressed and more relaxed. The natural light you will be exposed to during the day will also help you to sleep better at night, as well as helping you to focus, hence improving productivity and helping you to feel happier overall.

Make sure you're sitting comfortably

It goes without saying but make sure you get yourself a comfy chair, which will support your back and improve your posture if you're going to be sat at a laptop or PC all day. And when you can, get those steps in and walk around. This is something that my fitness instructor has challenged me to do this week - every hour on the hour, get up and walk around and see those steps per day mount up.

Stylish storage

Give some consideration to storage as you'll no doubt want to be hiding any paperwork and work-related items when you're not working. Take a look at bookcases and filing options which will be functional, yet pleasing on the eye. Style them up with a few accessories such as some greenery, books, candles as well as some prints or personal photos. You can pick up some great storage solutions from the likes of #IKEA or #Wayfair relatively inexpensively.

Reach out

Working from home can also feel a little lonely at times, so don't forget to communicate. You may be physically isolated but pick up the phone or video call friends and colleagues so that you still feel connected.

How do you feel about working from home? Is your designated space working for you? If you would like some help creating that much needed home office, then why not get in touch with me.

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